Last night Patrick ( ) and I were talking and we decided to do a . Not sure of exactly what that was, we turned to Twitter to get ideas of what that may be.

What we know is:

  • That it will be a 30 day challenge.
  • We will establish our starting weight on day one.
  • Progress reports/ discussions will be had on Twitter.
  • We will be sharing recipes and meal ideas.
  • We will both create a level 10 character, using standard array. Each LB lost can be used to purchase items. 1 (common) 2 (uncommon) 3 (rare) 5 (very rare) 10 (legendary).
  • Another idea was one of us designs a deadly dungeon using XP to purchase traps and monsters, the other will bring their group and try to defeat it on a stream or podcast. Winner picks which role they want.