Grumpy Turtle Studios: a blog about my quest to become a RPGĀ badass

Back in Middle School one of my friends introduced me to a game called Dungeons and Dragons, or at least he had seen someone play it once. We cobbled together some sort of a really roughspun home brew system and I DMd on that for 3-4 years with the neighborhood kids. I later played a game or two of A,D&D or what they now call 2nd edition… until life got in the way.

Now I am on a quest to become a legendary DnD guy (not even sure what that is). I come from a Landscape Architecture background, so I enjoy campaign building with predominantly hand-drawn and painted maps (although not as often as I would like). I try to set the characters up for success and aim to create an environment where PCs can be heroes.

I have really gotten sucked back into the hobby over a year ago. I frequently watch Youtube videos about DMing and Playing D&D. I follow several live play podcasts, and the official D&D one. When I get a chance, I like to read Dragon magazine on my phone. So it is pretty much all D&D all the time.

Right now this blog is largely a monument to my failure, but here is the idea… This is something I am really passionate about. I have at least twenty years till I retire. For the foreseeable future I do not need to make an income from the RPG business. Twenty years seems like plenty of time to hone my skills, build a body of work and make a name for myself in this industry.

Wish me luck!