well well well. Welcome Readers. (How pretentious is that?) So it is Friday, end of a long week. I am tired and I just want to relax. I had a fight with myself about posting tonight… but I am waiting for a download so my mind is made up. Has it really been a week since I bought this domain? Yes. Yes it has. and I have not done much with it. =(

What I intend to do dear reader is to post a 500 word article per week, and also do some diary posts. Is that happening this week? Sadly, NO. But I am making progress on organizing and prioritizing all the time commitments I have made. I have cut back to DMing games per week (3 was too much to keep in my head) and I need to finalize a drainage design for my inlaws and get that out to bid… Once that happens that should free up some mental band width.

With these Diary posts I mean to do a stream of consciousness type thing. It is a good writing exercise. Also I have this thing where if something needs to be perfect, it makes me freeze up (like yes there is a whole extra step called editing and proof reading… I get that, but I feel like it has to be perfect before it gets to that stage… you will not find that here.)

Also if I do successfully publish some fantasy adventures and have quote end quote made it I would like for people who are where I am at now to see the progression. That is a big part of these diary posts. It seems to me that in the RPG industry (and many others) there is seldom a clear line from aspiring to do it and actually doing it. I would like to help change that.

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