Freelancing Ain’t Easy

Freelancing Ain’t Easy

I am falling behind on my goals for this blog. Last week I put all my effort into getting ready to play test Capers for Nerdburger Games. Capers is a Game set in the Roaring 20s… but with superpowers, so it is kind of like Boardwalk Empire + Justice League. Also it uses cards instead of dice for conflict resolution and randomness. It’s pretty awesome. you should check it out.

I started building the rules into a Roll20 module for my play test group. This started last Saturday. I spent several hours dealing with the character sheet design… Mainly that I do not know HTML and then several hours using what tools I had to make something that works. I then spent every spare moment last week copying text from the PDFs and pasting it into Roll20 handouts. I gave up editing fairly early.

But I discovered that I have 2-3 hours of free time a day. Almost an hour in the morning while I wake up before work. Then there is the hour or two from the time I finish with cooking, cleaning, showering, and miscellaneous chores before I fall asleep.

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