Why I want #DnDFitnessChallenge to be a thing.

I never developed healthy habits when I was younger. Exercise was a thing I only did if I was getting paid. Healthy eating was never a consideration, only cheap and easy. Now that I am 40 and I see where my lifestyle is taking me.

I feel like this is a statement many can relate to. Tabletop role playing games are not the most active of activities. Game Mastering even less so. So much sitting around planning. D&D has always always made me want to be a better person. Now it makes me want to be a healthier person.

I would like to share my experiences as I do this. For my own accountability. To get the conversation started. And because I am just some guy. I want to show what I did and the results I got. If it works for me it should work for you, if that is your thing.

Just imagine players challenging DMs, DMs challenging each other, a whole month of personal improvement and a full evening of D&D competition!


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