Update time! It has been a long time. I used to feel bad about that, but I got over it. I have been busy, but in different areas.

My original D&D party celebrated our two year anniversary by ending the campaign with a trip through Tomb of Horrors from Tales From The Yawning Portal. We started streaming our games and are kicking off a brand new campaign called Into The West! (More about that later)

Recently I was on a podcast playing my Dragonborn barbarian-chef, LORF. this project was put on by Patrick aka, @ProfessorPFM, who is part of the Sea Dogs podcast and the brains behind Nilbog’s Tavern podcast. That was a lot of fun. Then I challenged Patrick to a weight loss challenge. So busy busy.


Updates… it has been a bit. I started a new job. Did some bucket list stuff! My dad was in the hospital. And in less depressing excuses, I am doing Inktober!

What is Inktober you ask!?! #Inktober is this awesome deal on twitter where every day you draw a picture using only ink and then you post it on Twitter with #Inktober.

There has been some really awesome work posted! For me it is a chance to challenge myself: To completing work every day… come hell or high water, and to knock the cobwebs off my drawing ability.

one of my bucket list items is to design, illustrate, write, layout, and publish my own adventure module… so D&D stuff is kind of a theme! So far goblins… I have done 1E and 2E, tomorrow 5E!